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How Does the Process Work?

First, contact us by e-mail, phone, or by filling in our contact form.

Let’s talk about your project. This initial consultation is free.

From there, we can either work with your specifications or develop the specifications based on your requirements.

We all agree on a timetable and afterwards, our developers begin working on your project.

As milestones are met, we demo the application to you as applicable. This gives you a good indication that your project is moving forward and adhering to the timeline laid out.

We apply our expertise as software engineers in leading our team of developers.

Bottom line: you save money and your project comes in on time.

Can You Handle International Projects?

Globe in HandWaferthin has successfully worked with international clients in the past. Physical distance is no longer an obstacle in this day and age and we are confident that we can deliver a product that meets your expectations no matter where in the world you do business.

What Size Project Does Waferthin Handle?

Waferthin can accept any size project, but our minimum project size begins at 100 hours of development time. That means that if you have a small project that would take less than 100 hour to develop, Waferthin would expect that you pay for at least 100 hours to make it worthwhile to take on the project. But don’t worry. Any unused hours can be applied to your next project at no extra cost.

What Programming Languages Does Waferthin Work In?

At Waferthin, we prefer to provide Open Source solutions since this allows us to save our clients money while providing high quality products. If your project requires development in a particular language (.NET, C#, Java) or with a particular backend database system (MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2) that may not be Open Source, don’t worry. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll work together on a solution.

How Do I Get a Quote On a Project?

Calculator QuoteWaferthin provides quotes based on an estimated number of hours that a project will take upon initial consultation of a project. It is not unusual for a client to add or remove features to a project during this initial consultation period.

Once a number of hours has been agreed to, it’s simply a matter of taking those hours and multiplying them against our posted rates.

To begin the process of getting a quote, contact us.

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