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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is based on the following principals:

  • we collect only information which is required to conduct our business
  • limit what we share with others
  • retain information no longer than necessary.

Waferthin.com collects information from customers in order to identify each customer and provide them with the highest level of customer service. We receive this information for our own use and for the use of our clients. This Policy also explains circumstances under which we may share such information with other parties and release information to government and law enforcement agencies.

Waferthin.com acquires the following information automatically when you visit this site:

  1. If you were directed here from another website, we record the URL of the site you linked from. (Used only to identify you as a customer, or potential customer, of that website.)
  2. the current IP address at which you are accessing the Internet

Waferthin.com uses 'cookies' so that our server recognizes return visitors and provides the most appropriate information to each customer.

Third Parties

Client Websites

We forward your personal information to our clients only when required by them to take action on your customer service requests (e.g. to process a refund or make a billing adjustment).

In addition, we provide clients with additional information we collect from their customers. This information is in the form of aggregated data and contains no personal identifying information. Clients use this data to address customer service issues, improve the products and services offered on their website and to design new products and features.

Unrelated Parties

Where it is necessary to protect the rights of clients, their customers, and our own rights, Waferthin.com will utilize all information in its possession, providing such information to private and/or public agencies to the extent Waferthin.com and/or its clients deem necessary. In cases where Waferthin.com initiates the transfer of information to private third parties, each party’s use of that information is limited to providing services to Waferthin.com and our clients.

Law Enforcement & other Government Agencies

Except in the circumstances described above, Waferthin.com will not provide personal information received from its clients or their customers unless required by law or in cases where Waferthin.com believes such disclosure is necessary to prevent criminal actions or such actions as will endanger other individuals or property.

Additional Privacy Information In Regards To Minors

Waferthin.com does not knowingly:

  1. request or collect identifiable information from children under the age of 13
  2. use or share with third parties personal information from users under the age of 13
  3. provide children the ability to post messages
  4. provide children the means or opportunity to distribute information about themselves
  5. offer to children any promotions, games, prizes, or other activities which would induce a child to divulge personal information.

Inquiries regarding children's privacy should be directed to: privacy@digitalmaxim.com

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